• RDC stands for Quality, Schedule and Price. In the demanding world of high end, commercial construction, we consistently deliver quality work on or ahead of schedule at a fair price.

      We insist that our work be better than industry standard. Senior Partner, John Piotti says, "If it's not right – if I wouldn't accept it in my home – we'll tear it out and do it again". And it has happened, even when the GC said he could live with it. "I'm not in business to lose money," Piotti explains. "But I'd rather lose money than my reputation."

      Since its inception in 1983, RDC has never missed a scheduled completion date. That’s more than 25 years of completing on or ahead of schedule. Our bid may not always be the lowest, but it will be the best deal.

RDC USA specializes in drywall installation - including exterior structural stud framing, EIFS, and painting. The company focuses on the high end, commercial sector with customers in eight states including Dillard’s, Opus Corporation, Welbro Construction, Irwin Contracting and WInter Construction. We also have specialized experience with disaster recovery and reconstruction, and historical restoration.

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