• The biggest difference between commercial and consumer interior drywall installation is scale. With hundreds of workers running around a job site, all intent on finishing their particular task, meticulous organization is critical to the success of, not only our business, but your project.

    RDC works with some of the biggest names in the business, and on some of the most challenging projects. It's our job to make sure we bid quickly and competitively, then provide enough experienced manpower, equipment and materials to get the job done on time or ahead of schedule.

    We take our job seriously.

    Exterior Stud Framing and EIFS system installations require precision and skill, and RDC employees know their stuff. Our frequent inspection and replacement program ensures that the equipment we use throughout the layout and framing process is always accurate.

    All materials and components are purchased from the biggest names in the industry so that they usually exceed standards and compliance with all US codes. We work proactively with vendors to be certain we have the most current product information and installation procedures so that warranties and guarantees are in full compliance.

    RDC specializes in big box stores, high rises, hotels and stadiums so we're familiar with the challenges found on large scale projects and we have the experience to deal with them with confidence.

    It has never made sense to us to provide the equipment and manpower necessary to produce superior interior and exterior walls, only to leave the final finishing of these walls to someone else. Of course there are first rate professional painters out there and you are welcome to use them but consider the benefits of having the same company that fabricated your walls, finish them.

    Our people are already familiar with the overall project and have first hand knowledge of the walls. We will complete this final stage of wall preparation more efficiently, more cost effectively and more carefully – after all, they're our walls we're working on.

    And when we supply the complete package, scheduling the painters is one less thing you have to worry about.

RDC knows what it’s like to be among the first construction crews to arrive after a natural disaster. We were there for Dillard’s after both Hurricane Francis and Hurricane Katrina. The challenges of finding accommodation, food and water, fuel and other necessities compound the already daunting task of rebuilding a large complex in record time.

You learn quickly that there is no substitute for a good team with the ability to solve problems as they arise. We’ve applied what we learned after Francis and Katrina to how we operate on an everyday basis. Pre-planning and organization is essential, but when fate throws you a curve, you have to be able to read the situation quickly and respond decisively. You have to trust your experience and your instincts to make a good decision and then give it everything you have to make sure it works out right.

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